Diagnostic Testing Services

BloodCenter of Wisconsin provides one of the most comprehensive arrays of diagnostic testing services available. Some of our specialized tests are offered at few, if any, other laboratories. Each day, the work conducted by our Diagnostic Testing Services helps save and improve lives here in our community and throughout the world.

Diagnostic Labs Requisition Forms
Please include a completed requisition with each patient sample referred to the Diagnostic Laboratories. You may print a blank requisition by selecting it below. Requisitions preprinted with your name, address and client number are available from Client Services at labinfo@bcw.edu or (800) 245-3117, ext. 6250.

View a demonstration on how to complete a requisition.

download-icon-redInformed Consent

download-icon-redHemostasis Testing

download-icon-redHemostasis Cryoprecipitate Quality Control Testing

download-icon-redHistocompatibility Non-Transplant Testing

download-icon-redHistocompatibility Transplant Testing

download-icon-redImmunohematology Reference Testing

download-icon-redInfectious Disease Testing

download-icon-redMolecular Diagnostics Testing

download-icon-redMolecular Oncology Testing

download-icon-redPlatelet & Neutrophil Immunology Testing

About Diagnostic Labs
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We do all we can to make it easier for you to offer better patient care, including offering online ordering and viewing of test result.

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