Flow Cytometry Core


Overview and Core PersonnelThe Flow Cytometry Core contains 4 Becton Dickinson cytometer systems.
Flow Core Laboratory Operator:
Hope Campbell, BS

Call: (414) 937-3843

E-mail: hope.campbell@bcw.edu
Research Core Labs & Facilities Director:
L. William Cashdollar, Ph.D.
Call: (414) 937-3847
Instrumentation and ApplicationsBD LSRII Flow Cytometer
  • Capable of 10 color and 12 parameter acquisition
  • 4 laser system includes blue 488nm, red 640nm, yellow-green 561nm and UV 355nm
  • BD HTS can be used on this instrument.  Capable of reading 96 well and 384 well microtiter plates 

BD LSRII Special Order System
  • Capable of 12 color and 14 parameter acquisition
  • 4 laser system includes blue 488nm, red 640nm, green 532nm and violet 405nm
  • BD HTS can be used on this instrument.  Capable of reading 96 well and 384 well microtiter plates 
BD FACSAria Cell Sorter
  • Capable of 10 color and 12 parameter acquisition
  • 4 laser system includes blue 488nm, red 633nm, green 532nm and violet 407nm

Accuri C6
  • Capable of 4 color and 6 parameter acquisition
  • 2 laser system includes blue 488nm and red 633nm 

The core provides data analysis with the following software:
Analysis workstations are available as well as training for flow core users.

  • FlowJo
  • FCS Express
  • FACSDiva
  • CFlow Plus

Miltenyi Biotec Magnetic Cell Separation Workstation
This workstation consists of a stand and 4 separation magnets that can be reserved for use. The usually vast initial cell population can be much reduced and greatly enriched for the target cell, with little or no added abuse to the cells. This cuts sorting time and usually increases viability.
SchedulingThe Flow Core at BloodCenter of Wisconsin's Blood Research Institute (BRI) provides these services to all its investigators and outsider users as capacity permits. Instruments are reserved on a first come, first served basis with priority given to BRI Investigators. Any new users to the core wanting to use the analysis instruments are required to attend a free training session with the core technologist. All BD FACSAria Sorts are operator assisted and therefore must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. As a courtesy, we require 24 hours notice to cancel a sort, so that time can be made available to other users.
To schedule instrument use, please contact Hope Campbell

Call: (414) 937-3843

E-mail: hope.campbell@bcw.edu
Sample PreparationPlease discuss your experimental protocol with us. Sample preparation is always critical to success, and some reagents are not recommended due to optical considerations. We need to determine if there are any special cytometer cleaning requirements. The handling of any infectious or otherwise dangerous materials should be discussed prior to booking time on any system.

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