BloodCenter of Wisconsin Announces Comprehensive Hemophilia Genetics Testing

Milwaukee, Wis., -- December 3, 2012 – BloodCenter of Wisconsin’s Diagnostic Laboratories is pleased to announce an expansion of its genetic testing menu for hemophilia, an inherited bleeding disorder.  BloodCenter’s new comprehensive approach to hemophilia genetics allows BloodCenter to identify the genetic abnormality in greater than 95% of all hemophilia patients.

“Proper diagnosis of a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia is critical to patient care,” said BloodCenter of Wisconsin’s Chief Medical Officer Thomas Abshire, M.D.  “An efficient and accurate diagnosis insures proper treatment is delivered to the patient particularly if a patient is in need of surgery, and so that other family members can be tested or made aware as they might also be affected.”

Hemophilia patients suffer from a lack of a blood clotting factor. Without enough of the clotting factor patients cannot clot properly to stop bleeding.  There are several types of hemophilia as well as different genetic abnormalities for each type.  A variety of genetic tests are needed to identify those different abnormalities. 

Hemophilia also has levels of severity classified as mild, moderate and severe.  Mild and moderate cases can be difficult to detect and treat and frequently go undiagnosed.   BloodCenter’s newly expanded hemophilia testing menu now offers comprehensive genetic testing for all hemophilia patients – mild, moderate and severe.  The expanded test availability allows physicians to prescribe the most cost effective and appropriate treatment to the patient.

A frequent complication of hemophilia is that about 20% of hemophilia patients develop an immune reaction (known as an inhibitor) to the drug prescribed for the disease, which means they would require very expensive alternative drug treatments.   Knowing the genetic profile of hemophilia patients allows physicians to predict the risk of a patient developing this immune reaction.  That risk knowledge allows physicians to monitor the patient more closely or use an alternative drug to reduce this risk.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin has been providing care to the hemophilia community locally and throughout the U.S. for more than 30 years through its medical staff, diagnostic labs and therapeutic products service.  Physicians turn to BloodCenter’s Diagnostic Laboratories for the technical expertise and the consultative support our staff provides to make faster diagnoses and enable them to begin earlier treatment programs.

American Society of Hematology (ASH)
BloodCenter of Wisconsin will be represented at the 2012 ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition, Booth #2207, December 8-11, 2012 at the Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Ga.   Experts will be available to provide more information on the hemophilia genetics suite and other services from BloodCenter of Wisconsin’s Diagnostics Laboratories.

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