Havalah received a liver transplant after she was diagnosed with liver disease. BloodCenter researches ways to improve tissue matching for organ transplants, changing the lives of these patients.
Summyr received a life-saving bone marrow transplant after she was diagnosed with leukemia. BloodCenter’s specialized testing helped determine that her brother was a perfect match. We assist physicians in diagnosing illness and advancing patient care.
Elijah was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His treatment included blood transfusions. BloodCenter’s volunteer blood donor program, research, and physician consultation help patients receive the treatment they need.
Brad lost his daughter, Courtney, in a tragic car accident. He decided to let his daughter’s memory live on by becoming a donor family. Through BloodCenter, Courtney’s gift has helped others in ways that nothing else could.
BCW Impact
Whether you choose to give the unique gifts of blood, organ, tissue or marrow, or share your time or a financial gift, your support of BloodCenter allows us to impact the lives of others in profound ways.

Giving to Research
To make new discoveries, it takes knowledge, skill, passion and you.
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Volunteers play an important role in patient care by providing a priceless link between BloodCenter of Wisconsin and those who donate the gift of life to patients in the community.
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