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Physicians from across the globe come to us to help diagnose a variety of conditions. With innovative tests and unparalleled expertise, we’re helping physicians deliver better care.

Clinical Areas of Expertise
BloodCenter of Wisconsin is recognized as a leader in platelet antigen and antibody testing, as well as in bleeding, clotting and fibrinolytic disorders.
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Molecular Oncology
For over 20 years, weve been translating the latest scientific discoveries into molecular-based clinical tests.
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Transfusion Medicine
We specialize in investigating unusual transfusion-related problems while maintaining an inventory of rare blood.
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Transplant Services
We are known globally for our ability to help match solid organ donors and patients. We're also on the forefront of HLA testing for stem cell transplants.
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Clinical Trial Services
We are valued, trusted partners in validating and implementing new clinical assays and tests.
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Test Catalog
We offer a wide spectrum of tests, some of which are so specialized and advanced they are only preformed here.
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Testing Services
We do all we can to make it easier for you to offer better patient care, including offering online ordering and viewing of test result.

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