Advancing Medicine and Improving Patient Care through Education Programs

Gaining new knowledge and sharing that knowledge with others is key to improving the care of patients here in our community and through the world. The medical professionals at BloodCenter of Wisconsin maintain a constant focus on education to advance patient care.

Educational programs through live events and our web-based learning site, beLearningTM, are offered for:

  • Physicians
  • Medical laboratory scientists
  • Nurses
  • Transplant coordinators
  • Students in healthcare

Our Mission
BloodCenter of Wisconsin supports learning through active and didactic means. Clinical Education at BloodCenter advances medical and scientific knowledge of healthcare professions by providing valuable education opportunities that are accessible, of high quality and delivered by experts in the field.

Our Vision
Clinical Education at BloodCenter of Wisconsin will be a worldwide leader in advancing patient care by proving education relevant to the diagnosis and treatment of immunologic and hematologic disorders.

BloodCenter has now launched a new web-based educational tool, beLearning, offered to physicians, laboratory professionals, nurses and scientists with programs focused on transfusion medicine, transplantation and benign hematology.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin offers day-long "wet workshops". The aim of these programs is to provide education in new skills and problem-resolution techniques for medical technologists/laboratory scientist working hospital blood banks/transfusion services. Participants perform, analyze, and interpret testing related to various topics in Immunohematology.  Go to beLearningTM for more information 

Lectures & Seminars
BloodCenter of Wisconsin provides several lecture and seminar offerings through the year. Speakers include internal and external experts from a variety of disciplines. Topics range from the latest advances in blood-related basic research to clinical application of diagnostic laboratory testing, and from quality processes in blood bank management to a review of the role of transfusion in managing sickle cell disease.

Nursing Education
Nursing seminars are designed to promote the education of nurses with a focus on indications for transfusion, transfusion reactions and blood component administration. Seminars may include information about specific diseases and the special transfusion needs for patients with those diseases.

SBB Program
The Specialist in Blood Banking Technology (SBB) Program at BloodCenter of Wisconsin give students skills necessary to become successful blood bank supervisors or managers, educators, quality professionals and technical specialists. Credits earned during the two-year program can be applied toward a Master of Science in Transfusion Medicine degree at Marquette University.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin is proud to sponsor the Joan Heimler Legacy of Life Scholarships Award for Critical Care nurses and Emergency Department nurses living and working in Wisconsin who provide direct care for patients and families who have made a decision to donate organs and/or tissue at end-of-life.

Fellowship Programs
BloodCenter of Wisconsin places education as a key value within its overall mission. We seek to advance the science and practice of transfusion medicine through both research and education. As part of these efforts, we sponsor several fellowship opportunities, each with specific objectives related to this mission.

Transfusion Medicine Fellowship Program

Research Fellowship Program