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Medical Services & Blood Products
We provide a range of medical services covering transfusion therapy, hematology, and coagulation disorders to advance patient care. We also work collaboratively with hospitals on research, patient care and education. From sound business decisions to managing patient care, we’re a true partner.

Education and Training Programs
BloodCenter hosts an array of education services for medical professionals.
TxMD™ — Shaping the Future of Transfusion Medicine
Accelerate Change. Improve Outcomes. Reduce costs. TxMD™ is an enhanced transfusion medicine solutions program with an overreaching goal to provide the right blood product to the right patient at the right time.

Blood transfusion medicine BloodCenter of Wisconsin provides medical services for our community hospitals in transfusion medicine-related areas and medical oversight for blood collection and blood donors.
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Hematology and transfusion medicineWe offer a vast array of transfusion-related medical services in hematology, with a focus on improved patient outcomes through clinical research, patient care and education
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Bleeding disorders and blood clotting disordersBloodCenter of Wisconsin performs clinical research and provides diagnosis and ongoing medical and supportive care for patients with bleeding or blood clotting disorders.
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Platelet and blood cell disordersHealth conditions that create abnormally high or low platelet and blood cell numbers may cause specific symptoms depending on the type of cell involved and the underlying cause.
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Bloodtransfusion medicine for sickle cell patientsBloodCenter physicians specialize in research and treatment of sickle cell disease at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital.
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Service Areas
Physician Services
Our physician group is here to help you advance patient care through consultations, management of therapeutic apheresis, and more.
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Blood Products
We’re helping save lives by providing both a safe, stable blood supply and medical expertise in transfusion medicine.
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Therapeutic Apheresis & Special Products
Our Therapeutic Services group provides specialized transfusion/apheresis support for patients with unique needs.
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The Comprehensive Center for Bleeding Disorders provides diagnosis and ongoing medical/supportive care for patients with bleeding or clotting disorders.
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Pharmacy & Prescription Services
We stock and distribute a wide variety of clotting factor products used to treat patients with rare bleeding disorders.
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Want to learn more about transfusion medicine and transplantation? Check out beLearningTM for live events, workshops, lectures, webinars and self-directed learning modules.
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Clinical Trial Services
Clinical Trial Services are available for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, assisting with regulatory studies, laboratory testing, assay development and a variety of other research needs.

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