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In addition to our world-class research, BloodCenter of Wisconsin needs your support to help with our life-saving programs. Perhaps you know someone whose health –– and life –– has been enhanced by BloodCenter’s services. We provide hope to families, friends and neighbors who are counting on us –– and you can help us through a gift to any of these important areas.

3-1-3-1_blood_Jen-Dust_240x185Your gift will help promote blood donation in our community. Only 5% of those eligible actually donate blood. We work tirelessly to ensure that blood is there when it is needed. Help us reach potential donors to save more lives.

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3-1-3-3_OT_Havalah_240x185Transplantation saves lives and restores health, but the need is great. Many people have questions and hesitate to sign up. Help us dispel the myths and add more people to the registries.

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3-1-3-4_Outreach_M-M_240x185BloodCenter of Wisconsin is striving to educate people of all races and ethnicities about the importance of donorship –– whether it is blood, marrow, organ or tissue. These life-saving gifts cannot be manufactured. Help us reach everyone with this message.

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BloodCenter impacts patients every day through our commitment to discovery, diagnosis, treatment and cure. Find out how, together with your support, we give hope to others in need.

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