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Donorship allows an individual to give the highly personal and unique gifts of blood, marrow, tissue and organs. You are also making a personal statement on how you want to connect to people in your community. We cherish the ongoing relationship we develop with regular BloodCenter donors. Your neighbors, coworkers and — even in some cases — family members rely on us to help them survive and heal, but it’s your continuing contribution that makes it possible.

BloodCenter of Wisconsin serves as a steward of your donor gifts, and we apply rigorous processes and standards to ensure your safety and the safety of patients who receive your lifesaving gift. With more than 60 years of advancing patient care through Blood Services, Diagnostic Laboratories, Medical Services and Research, BloodCenter is proud to be able to expand our services to include Wisconsin Donor Network, Wisconsin Tissue Bank and the Medical Sciences Institute. We are the only blood center in the nation to provide such a comprehensive range of life-saving solutions.

Read about some of our amazing donors like Monique and Martinique and find out about the enriching and fulfilling experience of donorship.

Blood donation and the need for diversity Every day, hundreds of people right here in Wisconsin rely on the generosity of blood donors like you. Some African Americans have rare blood types that are unique to the African American community. The term “rare” means that the type appears in only a few people. A person with a rare blood type does not have a better or worse blood — it’s just a genetic difference. Rare blood donors are special because they are desperately needed to help others survive and recover quickly. Your blood type may be another person’s only hope for survival.

Marrow donationEvery day, thousands of patients with leukemia, sickle cell disease and other life-threatening disorders search for a marrow (or peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donor) who can make their transplant possible. Seventy percent of these patients do not have a donor in their family. They depend on people like you.

Patients without a family match look to the national marrow donor registry, called Be the Match®. When you come to a donor registration drive we will:

  • Explain what it means to join the registry
  • Help you understand your commitment
  • Answer your questions
  • Walk you through the process

Ready to learn more and do more? Read here about how you can join a registry.

Organ and tissue donationOver 114,000 people across the United States are on a waiting list for organ transplants, including those who need a:
  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Heart
  • Lung transplant

Every 11 minutes, another person is added to the waiting list.

Many people have never thought about becoming a tissue donor. Like organ donation, it’s a chance to share your life with others. Tissue donation is often possible when organ donation is not. One tissue donor can help more than 50 people; it’s often necessary for treating diseases and injuries such as:
  • Bone fracture
  • Ligament repair
  • Heart surgery
  • Back surgery
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Hernia repair
  • Cardiac defects and damage
  • Eyesight restoration

Find out how you can give hope and life by registering to become an organ and tissue donor.

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